Tuesday, 7 June 2016

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Monday, 6 June 2016

Best Website Design Company India - Pitamaas

Pitamaas is Ludhiana-based Graphic design company that believes in the idea that a good-looking website is the first invitation to the customer for accepting services and products in a huge market. This invitation needs to be charming, impressive and at the same time very professional in design. Over the years, our team of experts has been involved in designing professional websites dealing in wide variety of fields. Today, looking at a few points, our experts can gauge the measures that would lead to your website to serve the purpose it has been designed for. Our team carries expertise as well as a friendly approach towards our customers and there is a simple and lucid process of working together in the development phase to bring out an outcome that you want.


Sunday, 28 February 2016

Logo Importance in Business

Logo Designing Company Pitamaas

A logo is not only a geometric Ora graphics shape, this contains so may things into a small symbol. Since from ancient time logos & monograms used by the different people in different ways. Every Kingdom had a monogram or logo which represent their existence . They used their monograms on flags ,coins, architecture, stamps etc. There was a big reason why these monograms and logos came into existence. Most of the people were not educated . In fact at that time there was no universal language like English in which they could communicate with others. But everyone could understand Monogram because there is no language involved into it. This was very easy to identify via shape & colors.A flag with monogram of the king means this area is belong to the Kingdom. Now coming on this modern era , where people are more educated and civilized, the uses of logos are very  frequently in day to day working. This is very important for any company or organization to having a logo.In every business,where you need visiting cards, letterhead, marketing tools, websites, signage boards and freebies, logo play very centralized role into it. Instead of writing so many things like name , nature of brand, about business , your logo can fill all the blanks. A good logo can be an identity of business or organization. Logo should not be in a complex type. A neat and clean logo is more impressive than the complex shape. A clean logo is better because it has to go in so many mediums like printing, digital, emboss, engrave. So in all mediums it should not loose the detail and readability. So always choose a professional designing agency to make your logo & brand identity.

How We Create A Logo

Logo is not just a graphical symbol it is an important tool of your business branding, moreover it is a reflection of your brand’s nature. Logo always speaks in his own language.  It can convey your business nature to the person who may not be from your state or country.  A well-designed logo is part of every single media which is extremely useful in branding and communication with end consumer or customer.
An intelligent graphic designer always uses less color in logo. So that it can be applied it on different different media like visiting cards, business letter heads, catalogues, brochure, t-shirts, I-cards, mugs, dvd  signage boards etc. If designer can make a good logo in a single or two colors then it can save some money in long run, because if you choose multi-color logo for your brand then you have to choose multi-color printing on every media or product. Although printing scenario is also changing its way but therefore multicolor printing is more costly than single or double color. A good creative logo is also gives you identical benefits. You can judge the impact of good logo from the web. Every website starts with company’s logo. A good logo should be universal and timeless appeal. Because you never know about the future of your business,  may be it can travels generation to generations or country to country. So people from different ages or different region should correlate with your logo. For example  Nike “Swoosh”  is recognized worldwide with positive approach, whether the native language is Hindi, Arabic, French, Bangla, Japani or English. Trade mark is also a very important factor in logo. Always make your logo registered under copyright act. It will secure your intellectual property because logo is face of your brand, secure it from uneven elements.

Packaging Design By Pitamaas

A good and impressive Design of Product Packaging is  one of the most important tool into product selling. Infact this is the last  chance to get the sale. A good and impressive design of product packaging is  one of the most important tool into product selling. Infact this is the last  stage  to get the sale.  More than 80% customer or consumers make up their mind about product buying at P.O.P (point of purchase). First time  Customer evaluate a product by its packaging before buying. Product packaging design needs to speak about U.S.P,  unique sales point of the product.  It should be relevant with nature of business. Packaging should talk about the quality of inner material. Customer's eye is very important while it is exploring shelves in the super markets.  colors plays an effective part into product selling. For an example,  If you are selling packed milk, then a black color in packaging will not appeal or attract to the buyers.  Photographs is also a very very important part into impressive packaging. A good product photoshoot describe more about product use. It can explore the new type of uses for the concern product. Just imagine the two similar products in a super market's shelve, one is packed into transparent polypack and other is packed into good packing by using attractive colors, impressive graphics  with appropriate photography. Definitely second option of product packaging will attract and fascinate to the buyer. There is very thin line between customer's yes or no at the time of buying.  A good and up to mark packaging of the product can motivate to customers for buying. Every year 90% product are fail due to bad packaging. If your packing is a copy of a big brand or look like a similar then you can not expect a seprate identity of your product in the the market. Make your packaging a brand tool to communicate with your end user beacause better connectivity creates better business.

Importance of Website in Business

Website is a very important weapon into your business armoury.  Nobody can give authentic reason that why a website is not required for business. Every body wants to expand their business.  To get expansion into your business you need to increase your reach.  Website is such a tool which can gives you a limitless reach. Website is most effective and cheaper way to expand your business reach comparative to any other foam of advertising mode. Website should speak about your nature of work, Your S.K.U stock keeping unit, about services you are providing. Website is such a  showcase which is used by companies to exhibit their previous work. Every business has a opening and closing time but websites are timeless approach.  Websites are available 24 x 7 hours. You can use as much pages as required for information about your business,  brand or organisation. The information on the web pages could be in the shape of text, pictures, video or sound. Website should be smart phone and tablet friendly. In these days website is not only a place to showcase your business, even it is a platform where you can also sell your products to the global customers. Most of local business houses are having websites but very few of them getting support for their business from web. Normally people make good showrooms or shops to attract the Customers . They invest in multi lacs into it. A common preseption of people about website is not to invest much amount.  but an effective website requires a very impressive design with user friendly interface. Website should be search engine friendly and mobile compatible. Every third mobile phone user having a smartphone. They use Internet for shopping, knowledge, or information. So mobile compatibility for any website is a key to reach next level of business in this internet era. I hope you will like my point of view about importance of websites in business. Soon I will share my views about advance level of business via E-commerce sites and Android application.

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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Online Marketing

An Online marketing may be a very nice technique for the selling your business on the internet.company can promote their product and services or complete on-line on the globe wide net.online marketing are often drained two ways 1st one is Pay per click and 2nd is Search engine optimization.Both technique have their own advantages. now we are going to discuss them one by one Pay per click(PPC) advertising: In this form of advertising each ad is triggered by an exploration for a selected keyword and the advertiser solely pays when their ad is clicked and user visits their website , therefore the name, pay per click. if truth be told this can be a arriving marketing within which the promotion is finished by the ad on the web site. Company pays in line with the click on their ad. whenever traveler click on the ad then it lead the traveler to the company's website.That is why it's called pay per click. PPC is obtainable on the search engine like Google, bing, yahoo etc. advantage of the PPC advertising is that advertiser got to paid in line with the no of traveler visit their website. price of ad is depends upon the ad quality ,position of the ad in the search result. Search engine optimization (SEO): main motive of the SEO is to increase the a lot of and a lot of traffic on the websites by achieving higher ranking in the search engine result.SEO create improvement to your websites. if your website is a lot of friendly with the search engine then a lot of seemingly it'll seem in the search results. Search engine use different issue to display the order of the result. coding, link given in the websites etc all these things matter. Additional SEO is of two varieties off page SEO and on page SEO. On page SEO related to committal to writing and tags employed in the websites. on the opposite hand off page SEO deals with linking to another websites, updated blogs and search engine submission of your websites ,articles etc.